Please see our key sectors and our downloadable brochures presenting the related references.


Health, pension and other social sectors

Healthcare is our key sector. Limited access to medicine and quality services results in disease, poverty and development issues. It is difficult to attain or maintain effective health infrastructure and social care policies. We provide insights from the previous reforms we helped ensuring proper implementation of health and social care policies and improving the quality of life.


Private sector development & Funding projects

Private sector development is a driver of growth and prosperity for a country. By creating jobs and providing revenue to the government, the private sector is the driver to improve living conditions of the population. We assist developing funding methods with the common goal of achieving economic growth.


Public financial management

Domestic revenue mobilisation via taxes and customs, sound budget planning and accountable budget execution is key for all other sectors. We have provided advisory both on revenue and expenditure sides. We supported the development of integrated financial management information systems.


Governance and Home affairs

Weak institutions, corruption or poor public services bring insecurity, disease and poverty. As the well-being of population deepens on governance and home affairs, we consider these issues as a priority. We believe that governments can achieve their development goals even with limited resources. Our task is to support population representatives in the establishment of efficient institutions and. We provide technical advice and sound guidance to enhance public services for a service-provider state.


Nutrition, Environmental and Spatial development

At EUROPE, we believe that a successful regional policy achieves sound development while taking into account environmental factors. We help governments to achieve sustainable and fair development by providing our expertise on territorial resources management. We advise low-income countries on nutrition.


Education and Culture

People are the countries’ strongest assets thus education is key for tomorrow’s prosperity. Developing culture and education is crucial to ensure future development and to shape collective identity.