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Programme formulation, monitoring & evaluation (M&E)

We consider it as our key activity EUROPE is known about since 2004. This practice is led by our colleague, Dr Peter Futo, a statistician with PhD in impact evaluation. EUROPE has completed over 70 monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment studies on project, programme, sector and/or country levels. We carried out complex multi-sectoral and multi-country M&E studies for different donors, as DFID (UK), EC, Council of Europe Development Bank, etc.



We have completed research mandates for UN bodies (WHO, OECD, etc.), for bilateral and multi-lateral donors. We have also carried out research on the feasibility of reform programmes. Dr Peter Mihalyi leads this practice. He worked on the comparative economic analysis of European countries at the Economic Commission for Europe of the UN in Geneva for 10 years. He is author of multiple books published by publishers of high-prestige.



Our advisory work is concentrated around our key sectors. We only take mandate, when we feel confident of being able to complete it successfully. Sustainability is our main concern: the beneficiary of our advisory should be able to continue without our team. The Healthcare advisory is led by Dr Katalin Rapi, medical doctor with Master in Public health from US. Her versatile knowledge has supervised assignment from health care reform strategic advisory to hospital accreditation. She worked as consultant in Ukraine in pharmaceutical procurement system development.
Ms Judit Erdos, a former Director at deputy minister level leads the Financial management & Governance advisory.



Our colleagues provide tailor-made courses as well as teaching at universities.

Dr Peter Mihalyi was visiting professor at Plehanov University in Moscow, at the Kazakh National University L. El-Farabi and at Clayton University in US. He developed and delivered a post-graduate course for active university teachers of the former Soviet Union teaching Health economics. He is invited speaker at the annual training seminar for privatization experts of post-communist countries in Vienna.

Dr Peter Futo has taught Social research methodology, Project evaluation and Regulatory impact assessment methods in the frame of inter-university cooperation in many countries